An image of the Nature House, from the outside

Girl Scouts

Your troop may choose a two-hour program or an overnight program from the topics listed below. We will complete most, if not all, of the requirements but the badge itself is not included. Come join us for a wonderful experience enjoying the great outdoors!

What you need to know:

  • Cost: $9 per scout; minimum payment of $90 per 2-hour program, click here for pricing on our overnight program. 
  • Adults & Chaperones:Adults are free. Check out our Guidelines for Grown-Ups for more information on what we expect from our adult participants. 
  • Availability: after school and camp hours, evenings, and weekends, all year.
  • Be Prepared: Check the weather before your visit to know what weather to expect. We've created this handy Dressing for the Weather Guide that you can give to your scouts and adults before their visit.
    • We go outside in RAIN OR SHINE, WIND OR SNOW, and HOT OR COLD;
    • Kids and adults should be prepared to hike, explore, and play games outside;
    • We spend at least half of our time outside for each program; and
    • Inclement weather plans are only instituted for active thunderstorms and extreme cold, wind, or heat.
  • Lunch: There is a $15 charge to have lunch on-site and needs to be scheduled ahead of time. 

Planning your outing

Call 734-997-1553 or fill out this form to arrange a program. Please have the following information ready before you call:

  • Contact Name & Phone Number
  • Program Choice & Ideal Dates
  • Group Size

What we offer: Outdoor Environmental Adventures!

3 Cheers for Animals!
Recommended level: Daisy - Brownie
Here's your chance to lend a helping hand to animals. Learn what animals need every day to survive as you hike through Black Pond Woods then learn how we care about animals in LSNC's Critter House. 

Recommended level: Daisy - Brownie
There's a great big world out there full of wonderful things to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. Come and discover the natural world with all your 5 senses!

Recommended level: Brownie
What are the 10 essentials? Should I take a map? We'll tackle these questions and practice our new skills on a hike through Black Pond Woods.

Recommended level: Brownie
Cracking codes, word scrambles, and riddles will lead us to LSNC's hidden letterbox! Only the witty few find and stamp this secret treasure. Will your troop take the challenge?

Recommended level: Brownie
Under logs, on flowers, in the grass – bugs are everywhere! Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to track down different bugs. We'll find out what they're doing when we're not looking and how important they are.
Note: Offered only in May, June, and September.

Recommended level: Junior-Cadette
Jump into a world-wide treasure hunt! We'll learn how to use GPS units, find caches, and track a Travel Bug's journey.

Night Owl
Recommended level: Junior - Cadette
What is the world like at night? Come to LSNC to find out - we'll take a night hike to explore the woods, then meet a nocturnal animal.

Recommended level: Junior - Cadette
Learn helpful camping skills as we tie knots, build fires, and discover the world at night.
Note: Only offered as an overnight program, please bring your own hotdogs and buns to cook.

Trees (new for 2017!)
Recommended level: Junior - Cadette
Explore the wonder and support trees provide us! Like a true naturalist, we’ll hike through the woods, identify trees, discover how they impact our every day, and record it all in our nature journal.