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Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Adventures!

Nature exploration, observation, and discovery are key elements to all of our scout programs! Through hands-on activities, guided hikes, games, and journaling, we provide your scouts with the opportunity to learn about wildlife and improve their outdoor skills in an engaging, memorable way! We offer programs for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. Your troop may choose a two-hour program or an overnight program from the topics listed below. We will complete most, if not all, of the requirements, but the adventure loop or pin itself is not included.  

We offer the following Cub Scout Programs: Hiker, Camper, Finding your Way, Fur, Feathers, and Ferns, Into the Woods, and Into the Wild.  See detailed descriptions below.  

What you need to know:

  • Cost: $9 per scout; minimum payment of $90 per 2-hour program, click here for pricing on our overnight program.
  • Adults & Chaperones:Adults are free. Check out our Guidelines for Grown-Ups for more information on what we expect from our adult participants.
  • Availability: after school and camp hours, evenings, and weekends, all year.
  • Be Prepared: Check the weather before your visit to know what weather to expect. We've created this handy Dressing for the Weather Guide that you can give to your scouts and adults before their visit.
    • We go outside in RAIN OR SHINE, WIND OR SNOW, and HOT OR COLD;
    • Kids and adults should be prepared to hike, explore, and play games outside;
    • We spend at least half of our time outside for each program; and
    • Inclement weather plans are only instituted for active thunderstorms and extreme cold, wind, or heat.
  • Lunch: There is a $15 charge to have lunch on-site and needs to be scheduled ahead of time. 

Planning your outing:

Call 734-997-1553 or fill out this form to arrange a program. Please have the following information ready before you call:

  • Contact Name & Phone Number
  • Program Choice & Ideal Dates
  • Group Size

What we offer:

Scouts will learn how to properly prepare for a hike in the woods, and then hit the trails! Through activities, games, and a hike we will discover what is “essential,” and how we can “leave no trace” all while exploring the wildlife—both in Black Pond Woods and in the Critter House— we are trying to protect!
Meets Tigers “Tigers in the Wild” and Wolves “Paws of the Path” requirements

Camper (must be overnight)
Join us for an evening adventure! Scouts will learn how they can properly prepare for an a camp-out adventure by cooking dinner over a fire they make themselves, singing camp songs,  practice pitching a tent, reviewing the “Leave No Trace” ethics, and going on a guided night hike.
Meets Wolves “Call of the Wild,” Bears “Bear Necessities” and a portion of AOL: Camper.  This program must be scheduled as part of a scout overnight. Troop must bring food to cook over the fire (such as a tinfoil dinner or hot dogs). LSNC will provide sticks and s’mores supplies. 

Finding Your Way
Learn how to navigate the trails at LSNC! Scouts will learn  how to use a compass, create their own maps, and go on a scavenger hunt using their new skills.
Meets Wolves “Finding Your Way” and a portion of AOL: Camper

Fur, Feathers, Ferns
Scouts will take a hike on the Black Pond Woods trail and discover what plants and animals call this place home, while also exploring how cultivated plants thrive in Project Grow’s gardens. Scouts will get the opportunity to meet and observe one native species up close and learn about the adaptions it has that allow it to survive and thrive.
Meets Bears “Fur, Feathers, and Ferns” requirements. The planting of vegetable or herb garden portion of this badge must be completed at home, but we can get you started!

Into the Wild
Scouts will learn the importance of observation and identification as they explore the special habitat of Black Pond Woods and take a trip out to our vernal pond. Scouts will be introduced to the method of nature journaling and the S’s of birding to practice in their own back yards.
Meets Webelos AOL “Into the Wild” requirements

Into the Woods
Where would we be without trees? Scouts will discover the vital role these plants play in an ecosystem and our own lives through a variety of activities that allow them to explore and identify the trees of Black Pond Woods.
Meets Webelos AOL “ Into the Woods” requirement. To complete this badge, scouts must plant a tree before or after the program.