An image of the Nature House, from the outside

Preschool Field Trips

Our preschool programs have been carefully designed for the active and exciting world of the four and five year old. We combine engaging hands-on activities, hikes in our woods and prairies, creative play and movement, and a close look at our live animals.

What you need to know:

  • Duration: All preschool field trips last 90 minutes.
  • Cost: $5/child (including siblings), $75 minimum, adults are free.
  • Adults & Chaperones: Although adults are free, we do have special expectations for grown-ups that attend. You can see our guidelines outlined in this Guideline for Grown-Ups here.Thanks for your help!
  • Maximum Group Size: 60 children. 
  • Availability: Field trips are available September-June. If you are interested in seeing us in the summer, we encourage you to schedule one of our  outreach programs! 
  • Be Prepared: Check the weather before your visit to know what weather to expect. We've created this handy Dressing for the Weather Guide that you can print and give to your students and chaperones before their visit.
    • We go outside in RAIN OR SHINE, WIND OR SNOW, and HOT OR COLD;
    • Kids and adults should be prepared to hike, explore, and play games outside;
    • We spend at least half of our time outside for each program; and
    • Inclement weather plans are only instituted for active thunderstorms and extreme cold, wind, or heat.

Plan your 2016-2017 school year field trip!

Call 734-997-1553 or fill out this form to arrange a program. Please have the following information ready before you call:

  • Teacher name,phone number, and e-mail
  • School name & address
  • Group size & ideal dates
  • Program choice


Sensing Nature
Available All Year
Program length: 1.5 hours

How do animals use their sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing? Students will discover how animals and humans use their senses to survive by observing a live animal up close, exploring stops along our outdoor “Sensory Nature Trail,” and much more! Your preschoolers’ five senses are sure to be engaged!

Available Sept. – Nov.
Program length: 1.5 hours

Explore fields and forests to learn how plants and animals prepare for winter with an enchanting autumn puppet show.  Through an up-close and friendly live animal encounter and discovery hike, your students will truly experience the joys of fall. 

Available March – June
Program length: 1.5 hours

Celebrate the birth of spring! A fun-filled puppet show will captivate and educate your youngsters about animal life in springtime. Visit a live animal and enjoy an outdoor walk through the woods and prairies while discovering the eagerly anticipated signs of spring.