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Your Place: Outreach Programs!

Our programs — and our educational animals — can come to you!

Click here to view PDFs of our K-5 Field Trip offerings, K-12 outreach programs and Preschool Field Trips.


We know you can't always fit a full field trip into your class schedule, so we offer engaging programs that can be brought to your preschool or classroom. Even a short visit to your class can add a memorable hands-on experience for your students and complement your curriculum. These programs are led by members of our talented, lively, and extremely knowledgeable staff. As with all of our programs, they're designed to meet the Grade Level Content Expectations. A visit to your class can also be a great way to follow-up or prepare for a field trip to the Center.

Are you a teacher? Read more here about how to apply for Scholarship funding.

Preschool Classroom Outreach
Elementary & Secondary School Classroom Outreach
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