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Birthday Parties & Special Events

Celebrate your child's birthday with a nature-themed adventure!

Track a teddy bear, slink through the forest, explore the pond, or follow clues to find a secret cache. Fun, exciting birthday adventures your child and guests will never forget! To create the best party possible, our staff will choose from among many activities that complement the selected party theme, and will take ages, interests, and the weather into consideration. To make sure kids and grown-ups are ready to handle any kind of weather,  you can use this handy Dressing for the Weather Guide. You'll have one hour and fifteen minutes of programs with our staff and 45 minutes for your own birthday fun.

Plan a birthday party at LSNC

Fill out this form to arrange a birthday party, or call 734-997-1553.
Cost: $175 (Member rate: $165). All themes are limited to 15 children per party. Adults are free, and we've created this Guideline for Grown-Ups to help each participant know what's expected of them. 

All About Owls
Appropriate for all ages.
Discover the world of these nocturnal hunters with a visit from one of our live resident owls. We will dive in deeper by dissecting owl pellets and go on a hike to search for owl habitat.

Animal Adventure
Appropriate for ages 4-7.
This birthday adventure will have you looking for animals along the trail and visiting them in the Critter House. You and your fellow explorers will learn about where the animals live, what they eat, and how they survive.

Feathered Fiesta
Appropriate for all ages.
Learn all about amazing birds of prey while letting your imagination soar! You’ll have the chance to meet two of LSNC’s birds of prey and take a hike using binoculars to sight birds in the wild.

Letterbox Birthday Quest
Appropriate for ages 8-13
With a compass in your hand and the brains in your head, your group will set off on a wacky treasure hunt in the wild, deciphering clues and unraveling riddles that will lead you to the secret cache box.

Slimy, Scaly Celebration
Appropriate for ages 4 and up.
Hop, slither, and climb through your birthday as we explore the incredible lives of reptiles and amphibians. You’ll go for a hike to explore their habitats and hideouts as well as doing some up-close observation in the Critter House.

Teddy Bear Tracking
Appropriate for ages 4-7.
Eleanor, Teddy, and Bob the Bear are best friends and love hanging out together, playing hide and seek. You’ll follow the tracks and clues to find these lovable and adventurous teddy bears, and then go to the Critter House to see some of their friends, such as turtles and frogs.

Geocache Adventure
Appropriate for ages 10 and up.
On this high-tech treasure hunt, you’ll use a GPS unit to find your way to several hidden caches. GPS units provided by LSNC.

Adopt-An-Animal Birthdays

Appropriate for all ages. Adopt-an-Animal birthdays are $300 (Member rate: $290).
It truly is better to give than to receive! Inspired by a young boy who opted to gather donations to support one of our educational animals in lieu of gifts, this party includes the one-year adoption of an educational Critter or Raptor and the opportunity to take photos with your adopted animal using your own camera. The animal you adopt will be a guest of honor at your party and your guests will learn all about the species — a few of its friends and relatives will also pay a visit! Some animals are not handled by the birthday guest but are rather held close to the guest by trained staff for photos. Learn more about our adoption programs by clicking here.

LSNC's animals come to your party!

Are you planning a party for a fan of creatures that slither, fly, hop or crawl? Sure, we throw great kids' parties, but we also know that the love of wild things has no age limit. Our expert handlers can bring our amazing critters or birds of prey to your home or location to liven up the celebration. It will make it an event your guests will remember — and one that supports a good cause. Call 734-997-1553 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or fill out this form to arrange a visit.

Raptor-rific Birthdays
Appropriate for all ages — including adults.
This birthday, let three of the feathered friends you choose take you under their wings and fly you into your new year.  With just a smallish space in your home where friends can flock together, we can provide a program that will rise to your expectations. We will do our best to accommodate your choices of birds.

Custom Animal Birthdays
Appropriate for all ages — including adults.
Sometimes people become fascinated with a specific type of animal such as snakes, lizards, spiders, or insects. Perhaps they simply like them all! Either way, our Wildlife Curator can help put together a program that is sure to make your party the wildest one you’ve ever had.